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Char Webster

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Acceptance, Book Four of the Gifted Series

The Association is in turmoil.

Allegiances have been corrupted.

An ancient, evil, family line is gaining power in an attempt to take control of the Gifted Society. They want their abilities restored and they need Kate to do it.

Everything is crashing down on Kate and she has no one to turn to, not even the love of her life. Will she take her place with the Gifted Society and accept her destiny or will she cause the destruction of them all?

Find out in the conclusion of the Gifted Series.

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Discovery, Book One of the Gifted Series

Hunted by evil. Hidden from birth.

Knowing nothing of her powerful origins, twenty-three-year-old Kate Sutton believes her life is perfectly normal and is looking forward to a quiet relaxing summer. Her life dramatically changes when she’s asked to help three troubled kids in the foster care system. Strange things begin to happen, and Kate discovers that her foster kids are not quite who she had thought and that neither is she.

Suddenly, Kate is thrust into a world where people have powers and she and the kids are being stalked. Now, she must learn who she really is and keep the kids safe before it’s too late.

A hot guy keeps showing up everywhere she goes, but is he there to help her or turn her and the kids over to the ones searching for them?

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Exploration, Book Two of the Gifted Series

What does it mean to be a gifted?

And just how dangerous can it be?

When Nick took off to track down a kidnapper and killer, he left Kate alone to deal with her new life. Thrown into a world she knew nothing about, Kate must piece together information from the past and discover her role in the events that have begun to unfold. 

 Will history repeat itself?  Will Kate be able to protect the kids and herself from the forces who want to use them to unlock a power that could destroy everything?

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Experiments, A Gifted Series Prequel Novelette

The Gifted Society, a race of people with special abilities, lives among humans. They have survived for thousands of years by hiding their special powers from the world.

Now, someone is trying to manipulate human DNA to create the gene mutation that triggers these abilities. Nick, Robert, Jason and Ryan, newly graduated from the Gifted Society’s Elite Academy, are tasked with stopping whoever is behind these experiments.

Will the guys succeed with their first assignment? Will they be able to stop the experiments?

Discover the beginnings of the Gift Series in this prequel novelette.

Transformation, Book Three of the Gifted Series

Power is shifting.

Control of the Gifted Society is in jeopardy.

Will Kate and her friends be ready?

Kate Sutton has learned that being Gifted is extremely dangerous. New revelations put Kate's life at even greater risk. People are after Kate for her abilities and will stop at nothing to control or destroy her.

Nick, Robert, Jason and Ryan are trying to figure out all of the different players and what each of them is after. Will they discover the truth before it’s too late to help Kate?